Curriculum vitae:

Commissioned Articles

‘On the Death of Malcolm X’, Clare Market Review, LXII.i (1966), 4 pp.

‘On the Los Angeles Race Riots’, Clare Market Review, LXII.ii (1966), 4 pp.

‘Rousseau’s Politics’, Government and Opposition, VII.iv (1973), 5 pp.

Review of several books on Rousseau, Philosophical Ouarterly, XXIV (1974), 4 pp.

‘Rousseau’s Paradox', Times Higher Education Supplement, 20 September 1974, 1 p. (1,500 words)

Review article of two books on Burke, Political Studies, XXIV.iv (1974), 5 pp.

‘The analogies of Nature’ (review of A. Verri, Lord Monboddo. dalla metafisica all’antropologia), Times Literary Supplement, 11 March 1977, 2 pp. (2,800 words)

‘The Enlightenment and the Revolution: Some Notes on Norman Hampson’s Variations on a Theme by Robert Darnton’, British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Newsletter, XIII (1977), 4 pp.

‘The very rhythm of Rousseau’, Times Literary Supplement, 19 August 1977, 1 p. (1,700 words)

‘The Enlightenment Hostilities of Voltaire and Rousseau’ (feature article), Times Higher Education Supplement, 29 September 1978, 2 pp. (3,800 words)

‘Descending into paranoia’ (review of three volumes of R.A. Leigh (ed.), Correspondance complète de Rousseau), Times Literary Supplement, 6 February 1981, 1 p. (3,100 words)

‘The Apes and Us’ (review of thirteen books on sociobiology and ethology), Quarto, XV (March 1981), 3 pp. (4,900 words)

‘The great dissimulator’ (review of H.C. Mansfield, Jr., Machiavelli's New Modes and Orders), Times Higher Education Supplement, 10 April 1981, 1 p. (1,300 words)

‘Eminently enlightened’ (review of H. Mason, Voltaire), Times Literary Supplement, 16 October 1981, 1 p. (1,000 words)

‘Adrift in a gene pool’ (review of P. Singer, The Expanding Circle: ethics and sociobiology), Times Higher Education Supplement, 2 February 1982, 1 p. (1,000 words)

‘A polity of nature’ (review of H. Howard, Darwin, and W. George, Darwin), Times Higher Education Supplement, 2 July 1982, 1 p. (1,000 words)

‘Critical dialectic’ (review of S. Rose (ed.), Against Biological Determinism and Towards a Liberatory Biology), Times Higher Education Supplement, 30 July 1982, 1 p. (1,000 words)

‘Natural slavery’ (review of A. Pagden, The Fall of Natural Man), Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 February 1983, 1 p. (1,200 words)

‘Balance of life’ (review of M. Barthelemy Madaule, Lamarck the Mythical Precursor), Times Higher Education Supplement, 25 March 1983, 1 p. (1,400 words)

‘The vagabondage of the philosophe’ (review of R.A. Leigh (ed.), Correspondance complète de Rousseau, and M. Cranston, Jean Jacques), Times Literary Supplement, 2 September 1983,
2 pp. (3,700 words)

‘Founding a school for statesmanship’ (review of S. Collini, D. Winch, and J. Burrow, That Noble Science of Politics), Times Higher Education Supplement, 9 March 1984, 1 p. (2,800 words)

‘Look to nature’ (review of R. Brown, The Nature of Social Laws), Times Higher Education Supplement, 30 November 1984, 1 p. (1,700 words)

Obituary notice for R.A. Leigh, The Daily Telegraph, 2 January 1988, 1 p. (800 words)

Review article of J. Miller, Rousseau: Dreamer of Democracy, Journal of Modern History, LXI.2 (June 1989), 2 pp.

‘Liberty, egality and fratricide’ (‘Democracy and Terror in the French Revolution’), a feature article published in the Times Higher Education Supplement, 14 July 1989, 2 pp. (3000 words)

‘Introduction’ to A Catalogue of Saint Simon and Saint Simonianism, Wickmere, Norfolk (Merrion Book Company), 1989, 4 pp. (1600 words)

‘Vagabondage’ (review of M. Cranston, The Noble Savage), New Statesman, 12 April 1991, 2 pp. (800 words)

‘Introduction’ to A Catalogue of John Wilkes, Wickmere, Norfolk (Merrion Book Company), 1991, 4 pp. (1500 words)

‘Prop forward’ (review of P.N. Furbank, Diderot: A Critical Biography), New Statesman, 8 May 1992, 1 p. (800 words)

‘Keeping it in the family’, review of P. Cavalieri and P. Singer (eds.) The Great Ape Project, Times Literary Supplement, 17 September 1993, reprinted in James Koobatian, The Thinking Reader, Belmont, Ca. (Wadsworth) 2002, 2 pp. (3000 words)

Review article of Iain Hampsher-Monk, A History of Modern Political Thought, Political Studies, XLI.iv (1993), 2 pp. (700 words)

‘Introduction’ to A Catalogue of Benjamin Franklin, Wickmere, Norfolk (Merrion Book Company), 1994, 3 pp.

‘Singular Praise for a Pluralist’, review of John Gray, Isaiah Berlin, Times Higher Education Supplement, 3 March 1995, 1 p. (1700 words)

Review article of Claude Galipeau, Isaiah Berlin's Liberalism, Political Studies, XLIII.iii (1995), 2 pp. (800 words)

Review article of Yves Glaziou, Hobbes en France au XVIIIe siècle, History of European Ideas, 21.3 (1995), 2 pp. (1200 words)

‘Arguments for a deeper shade of green’, review of several works on ecology and environmental ethics, Times Literary Supplement, 8 September 1995, 1 pp. (1800 words)

‘Music and the moral voice’, review of volume V of the Pléiade Oeuvres complètes de Rousseau and of Michael O’Dea, Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Music, Illusion and Desire, Times Literary Supplement, 3 May 1996, 2 pp. (3000 words)

‘Laying the Enlightenment to Rest’, review of John Gray, Enlightenment’s Wake, Government and Opposition, 32.1 (1997), 6 pp.

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‘A modern Candide’, review of Michael Ignatieff, Isaiah Berlin, and György Dalos, The Guest from the Future: Anna Akhmatova and Isaiah Berlin, Times Literary Supplement, 18 December 1998, 2 pp. (3200 words).