Curriculum vitae:


Principal administrative appointments at the University of Manchester: Tutor to the Board of Politics and Modern History, Admissions Tutor to the Board of Politics and Modern History, Tutor to the Board of Combined Studies, Convener of Senior Political Theory Seminar, Library Committee, Examinations Committee, Manchester University Press Editorial Board.

My main responsibilities in administration at the University of Manchester from 1991 to 1998 were, first, the Politics and Modern History Admissions Tutorship, as above (for two periods of three years), and, second, my promotion through various committees and draft proposals of our inter Faculty venture to establish a Manchester Institute for Advanced Studies, based around the John Rylands University Library.

Over the the same period I was also centrally involved with the establishment of a Jean Jacques Rousseau archive at the Cambridge University Library, built principally round the collection of the late R.A. Leigh and, since his death, enlarged to such an extent that it now comprises the most substantial collection of eighteenth century printed works by or about Rousseau anywhere in the world outside Geneva, formally inaugurated on 4 December 2001.