Curriculum vitae:

Research in Progress

Rousseau’s Enlightenment: The Historical Contexts of his Social Thought, a collection of twelve essays, mainly adapted from material published already, Cambridge University Press (Ideas in Context Series), 2005, 410 pp. approximately

Rousseau, The Age of Enlightenment and their Legacies, developed in part from essays already published or completed, embracing a history of criticism of the Enlightenment from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day, the principal work on which I hope to be engaged over the next fifteen months, to be completed by 2006

Catalogue of the library and archive of John Plamenatz, London (Quaritch), 2006, around 60 pp.

Third revised edition of John Plamenatz, Man and Society, in one volume, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007

Rousseau’s ‘Discours sur l'inégalité’and its Sources, Ferney-Voltaire (Centre international d’étude du dix-huitième siècle), 2008, 300 pp. approximately

With Ryan Hanley (eds.), The Enlightenment: Critical Concepts in Historical Studies, in 5 volumes, Routledge, 2007

The Enlightenment Roots of Anthropology, a project, supported by the Nuffield Foundation, the British Academy, and the Economic and Social Research Council, on which I have been intermittently engaged over the past several years, 140,000 words approximately

Rousseau, Du principe de la mélodie, édition critique, établie et commentée par Robert Wokler, Geneva (Librairie Droz), 228 pp.

The Transfiguration of the Body Politic, in twenty four chapters, from ‘Homo symbolicus and the myth of the eternal return’, through ‘The king’s two bodies, and the immortality of corporations’ and ‘The legal personification of the modern state’, to ‘Citizenship in an age of unpolitical corporations’, in 2 volumes.

Editions of the late John Plamenatz’s unpublished set of lectures on Machiavelli, Hobbes and Rousseau and his collected essays, including writings on the history of Montenegro and Yugoslavia.

Review of Raymond Trousson and Frédéric Eigeldinger (eds), Dictionnaire de Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Jean-Jacques Rousseau au jour le jour: Chronologie, Timothy O’Hagan, Rousseau, and six other books on Rousseau, Times Literary Supplement, 2500 words

Edition of a volume of essays on the life and thought of Lord Monboddo, under negotiation with the Edinburgh University Press.

With Ryan Hanley, ‘From natural theology to political economy: a history of the concept of the invisible hand’, an essay which we hope to submit to Past and Present.

‘The Enlightenment’, in The Encyclopedia of Genocide, Macmillans, 2005, 750 words

‘La musique et la politique au dix huitième siècle’, a paper presented at historical seminars in Paris and Geneva, 1989.

‘Isaiah Berlin: A Commemoration’, presented as a celebratory lecture at the Harvard Club in New York on 2 June 1998.

‘Human Nature as Defined by Language in Enlightenment Anthropology’, some while ago commissioned by Homo Classicus, Société d’études anthropologiques et littéraires, 6,800 words

'Hobbes on Representation and the Nicene Creed,' a paper I plan to submit to the European Journal of Political Theory.

‘Constant on Ancient and Modern Liberty’, in Fred Rosen and Noël O’Sullivan (eds), The Political Thought of European Liberalism: Benjamin Constant and the Modern Age, 2003.

Review of twelve books on the history of linguistics, Times Literary Supplement, 3200 words approximately

Review article of ten books on the political culture of the French Revolution, Historical Journal.