Curriculum vitae:

Articles in Refereed Journals

‘Tyson and Buffon on the orang utan’, Studies on Voltaire, CLV (1976), 19 pp.

‘L’orango e l’uomo secondo Tyson e Buffon’ (expanded version and in part my own translation of ‘Tyson and Buffon’, as above), Ethos, V (1977), 20 pp.

‘Perfectible Apes in Decadent Cultures: Rousseau’s Anthropology Revisited’, Daedalus (Summer 1978) (special issue on Rousseau for our Time), 28 pp.

‘The ape debates in Enlightenment anthropology’, Studies on Voltaire, CXCII (1980), 12 pp.

‘A Reply to Charvet: Rousseau and the Perfectibility of Man’, History of Political Thought, I.i (Spring 1980) (a paper read at the 1978 Oxford Political Thought Conference), 10 pp.

‘Rousseau e Marx’ (an amended and expanded translation, on which I collaborated, of ‘Rousseau and Marx’, as above), Bolletino di Storia della filosofia, March 1987, 33 pp.

La Querelle des Bouffons and the Italian Liberation of France: A Study of Revolutionary Foreplay’, a paper read at the Sixth David Nichol Smith Seminar, Melbourne (1983), published in a special issue (n.s. 11.i) of Eighteenth Century Life devoted to the proceedings of that seminar (1987), 32 pp.

‘From l’homme physique to l’homme moral and back: Towards a History of Enlightenment Anthropology’, History of Human Sciences, 6.i (February 1993), 24 pp.

‘Rousseau’s Pufendorf: Natural Law and the Foundations of Commercial Society’, History of Political Thought, XV (1994), 30 pp.

‘Ralph Alexander Leigh’, obituary notice, Proceedings of the British Academy, 84 (1994), 23 pp.

‘Hegel versus Kant: From the Enlightenment Project to Post Modernity’, Proceedings of a colloquium on Kant and eighteenth century theories of human nature, Australasian Studies in the History of Philosophy, vol. 2 (1994), 18 pp.

‘Situating Rousseau in his world and ours’, the Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture presented at Dartmouth College, January 1995, Social Science Information, 34.4 (1995), 23 pp.

‘Todorov’s Otherness’, New Literary History, 27.1 (1996), 13 pp.

‘The French Revolutionary Roots of Political Modernity in Hegel’s Philosophy, or the Enlightenent at Dusk’, Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain, 35 (1997), 17 pp.

‘Rousseau et la liberté’, originally presented as the 1989 annual lecture to the Société Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Geneva, Annales de la Société Jean-Jacques Rousseau, XLII (1997), 23 pp.

‘The Enlightenment Project and its Critics’, Pozna Studies, 58 (issue entitled The Postmodernist critique of the project of Enlightenment, forming the proceedings of a conference held in Göteborg in April 1995) (1997), 18 pp.

‘Contextualizing Hegel’s Phenomenology of the French Revolution and the Terror’, Political Theory, vol. 26.1 (1998), 23 pp.

‘The subtextual reincarnation of Voltaire and Rousseau’, The American Scholar, Spring 1998, 10 pp.

‘Pistols for two and coffee for one: rekindling Voltaire’s and Rousseau’s quarrel in footnotes’, Studies on Voltaire, CCCLXII (1998), 10 pp.

‘The Enlightenment Project as Betrayed by Modernity’, History of European Ideas, 24.4-5 (1998), adapted as the Tove Segerstedt Professorial Lecture which I delivered in Uppsala on 10 March 1998, to be published in 2002 by the Swedish Collegium for Adanced Study in the Social Sciences, 13 pp.

‘The Manuscript Authority of Political Thoughts’, a paper based on a talk presented in 1994 at the Oxford Political Thought Conference, History of Political Thought, XX.1 (Essays presented to J.H. Burns) (1999), 17 pp.

‘Cassirer’s Enlightenment: An Exchange with Bruce Mazlish’, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, vol. 29 (2000), 14 pp.

‘From the moral and political sciences to the sciences of society by way of the French Revolution’, Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik, vol. 8 (2000), 13 pp.

‘Ancient Postmodernism in the Philosophy of Rousseau’, the keynote lecture of the 1999 conference of the North American Association for the Study of Rousseau at Duke University, Pensée Libre, no. 8 (2001), 24 pp.

‘Der besondere Charakter der ländlichen Aufklärung des Nordens’, review essay of Bo Stråth et al (eds.), The Cultural Construction of Norden, prepared for a conference on the Union of Kalmar between Verdun and Maastricht, held in Kalmar in October 1997, in Bernd Henningsen, ed. Wahlverwandtschaft, 9, Das Projekt Norden: Essays zur Konstruktion einer europäischen Region, 2002, 7 pp.

‘Isaiah Berlin’s Enlightenment and the Counter-Enlightenment’, Jewish Studies Yearbook of the Central European University, vol. 2, 2002, 9 pp.

In Press

‘Rousseau’s Reading of the Book of Genesis and the Theology of Commercial Society’, Modern Intellectual History, Spring 2006, 2,000 words

‘Paroles de singes’, L’Homme et la société, around June 2006,
5,700 words ‘Apes, Men and Language in the Enlightenment: Monboddo as critic of Buffon’, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, around December 2006, 8,000 words.