Curriculum Vitae










1997-2004 Graduate Student, Department of the History of Science, Medicine and Technology, The Johns Hopkins University. Program completed and degree awarded May 2004

Fields: Completed graduate fields in History of Russian Science (with Professor Daniel Todes), History of Biology and Ecology (with Professor Sharon Kingsland), and Russian History (with Professor Jeffrey Brooks), 1999-2000

1996-1997 Graduate Student, The Institute for the History of Natural Sciences and Technology, The Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia (tutorials in the history of Russian biology and ecology, and the sociology of scientific knowledge, conducted in Russian, with Professors Eduard Kolchinskii, Yasha Gall, and Daniel Alexandrov)  

1991-1996 Interdepartmental Interdisciplinary Major, College of Liberal Arts, The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Campus. Interdisciplinary Major in History of Science, Evolutionary Biology, and Russian Language and Areas Studies (Major Supervisor, Professor John Beatty). BA awarded 1997

1979-1983 Russian Cryptological Linguist Specialist (Language training: Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Monterey, California), United States Air Force. Honorably Discharged as Sergeant